Legacy Program

Beyond business opportunities, we’re building lasting legacies.

Our Purpose

The Legacy Program by the Filipino American Chamber of Commerce Tri-County seeks to build a robust entrepreneurial ecosystem by providing comprehensive mentorship, education, and community support to a diverse group of aspiring and current entrepreneurs. This includes students aspiring to be entrepreneurs, individuals considering the transition to business ownership, early-stage entrepreneurs, and seasoned business owners seeking a listening ear. By addressing the needs of entrepreneurs at different stages of their journey and leveraging the experience and expertise within the Chamber of Commerce, the program aims to cultivate a new generation of successful business owners who will contribute to the economic vitality, innovation, and community development.

Who is it for?

Student Entrepreneurs

Target: Students with a business idea or interest in entrepreneurship.

Activities: Workshops, ideation sessions, and internship opportunities with local businesses.

Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Target: Individuals considering starting their own business.

Activities: Business planning workshops, networking events, and informational sessions on entrepreneurship basics.


Early-Stage Entrepreneurs

Target: Entrepreneurs in the first 1-3 years of their business

Activities: One-on-one mentorship, business growth seminars, and access to startup resources.

What to Expect

Mentorship Matching

  • Pair mentees with mentors based on industry, goals, and experience level.
  • Quarterly check-ins to assess progress and realign goals if necessary.

Educational Workshops

  • Quarterly workshops covering essential topics like business planning, marketing, finance, and leadership.
  • Guest speakers from successful local businesses and subject matter experts.

Networking Events

  • Regular networking mixers to connect mentees with mentors, peers, and community business leaders.
  • Themed events focusing on different industries or business challenges.

Resource Hub

  • Online portal with access to business templates, guides, and articles.
  • Database of local and national resources, including grants, loans, and training programs.

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