Benefits of Being a Member

Enjoy these benefits and perks when you sign up for membership:

Business Matchmaking

Through our Matchmaker Series mixers, we discover the profiles of your target market and we do our best efforts to introduce you to them within our network.

Trending Topics Workshops

We strategically choose the topics of the workshops organize each month so you are equipped with the recources you need to run your business.

Special Events Access

From professional gatherings, community events, and even recreational ones, gain first-hand or exclusive access to events we organize or the Chamber is associated with.

Member Spotlight

Every business gets featured in our bi-weekly business spotlight published on the chamber website, social media, and drip campaigns.

Business Coaching

Get access to a one-time business coaching class to help catapult your business to success.

Ribbon Cutting

Showcase your brand infront of an audience we will bring together for you and get recognized as one of the specialists in your sector.

Access to a National Coalition

Get opportunities to meet and work with all the Filipino American Chambers in the US through our umbrella organization COFACC.

Broader Marketing Channels

Extend the reach of your marketing efforts through our platforms: website directory, newsletters, social media, in-person.

Member Discounts

Get exclusive discounts for professional profile headshots and a 30-second video introduction that you can use for your marketing.

Give Back to the Community

Be involved in multiple ways to make an impact to the community through charity events, fundraising, and mos importantly, mentoring the next generation about business.

Our Programs

Bi-racial woman in red jacket listing to a business coach

Legacy Program

The Legacy Program is a dynamic initiative aimed at supporting the dreams and aspirations of aspiring, new, and seasoned entrepreneurs. Our primary goal is to provide invaluable mentorship, offering a guiding hand in navigating the intricate world of business. Whether you’re on the path to entrepreneurship, looking to broaden your skill set, or simply seeking a trusted confidant for your business endeavors, the Legacy Program is here for you.

This mentorship program is not just about business; it’s about fostering strong, lasting relationships within our vibrant community. We are committed to working in partnership with local schools and colleges, promoting community growth, celebrating diversity, and championing the values of leadership and inclusion. Join us on this transformative journey to build your legacy and contribute to the ever-evolving tapestry of our business community. Your aspirations are our mission!

A group of business professionals meeting and greeting each other

Matchmaker Networking Series

Our goal is to create a robust networking platform within the FACC Tri-County network, and we’re doing it through a combination of online and in-person mixer events.

Every first week of the month, anyone can join virtually, and on the third week, in person. What sets this series apart is the unique approach to connecting attendees with the right people. Our dedicated Board of Directors will personally introduce attendees to someone who aligns with their target person to meet. And if that person isn’t present, FACC Tri-County is committed to following up with them in the coming days or weeks.

At Matchmakers Networking Series, the Chamber believes in creating a fun, welcoming, and diverse atmosphere where connections and opportunities flourish!

A group of professionals in different industries listening to a presenter in a workshop

SmallBiz Crafters Workshops

SmallBiz Crafters Workshops are about crafting success in the world of small business. These informative sessions are carefully tailored to address topics from industries in high demand for the quarter, providing small business owners and Chamber members with invaluable tips and hacks to navigate specific business situations.

Our workshops offer the opportunity for new insights, continuous learning, and a friendly reminder of knowledge you already possess. Held every 4th Wednesday of the month, at varying times and locations, these workshops are designed to fit seamlessly into your schedule , ensuring that you have access to the latest information and tools necessary for your business’s growth and prosperity. Join us and master the art of small business success, one skill at a time.

Adult male wearing a black t-shirt saying "Here to Make an Impact".

Here to Make an Impact

Elevate your sense of purpose with our “Here to Make an Impact” merchandise line, thoughtfully curated to inspire change and leave a lasting imprint on our community. Our line features a range of quality products, including T-shirts, hoodies, mugs, and memorabilia items, all designed with a singular message in mind: Making an impact in the community and the lives of the people in it. With each purchase, you’re not just acquiring a remarkable piece; you’re also contributing to a greater cause. This merchandise serves as a meaningful fundraising effort for FACC Tri-County, supporting initiatives that empower the community. Join us in showcasing your dedication to making a difference, and let your impact resonate through your support. Open to chamber members, business owners, and community leaders, this line is your opportunity to wear your commitment proudly.

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