FACC Tri County Jv Libunao

Jv Libunao

Vice President

Jv specializes in the design strategies for websites and apps. He’s been particularly successful for companies in the SaaS, cryptocurrency, transportation and retail industries who needed visual advancement to reach out to their target audience profitably.

He leads a team of creatives, strategists and developers and we form a dependable service provider in the field of digital design for websites, web and mobile applications, through his own design studio, OneVector Design Company.

Jv is also passionate about video production. He films videos particulary used for marketing and promotions for small businesses and events. He is also a product photographer focusing mainly on food.

He is active in the Filipino community and founded a company in 2020 to help promote Filipino-owned small business called Adobers.Net. Eversince starting the company, he’s been reached out ot by a lot of individuals and organizations for partnerships and collaborations.

When he is not working, you will find Jv tinkering stuff in his garage where he set up a TV and chairs for some drinks. He trained muay thai and is currently into long distance cycling. Whenever schedule permits, he will be in the bike trails leading to the beach. Travelling and the open road is Jv’s form of therapy.

Jv is husband to Maika, a soon to be nurse practitioner and a dog dad to Ellie, their 2 year old corgi.

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