CORONA, Calif. — ABAIE, the Asian Business Association Inland Empire’s signature (free) event, the ‘Small Business Development Day,’ was held here on October 25, 2022, at the Circle City Center. ABAIE President for 2022-2023 is Narvee Intarachote, Edward Jones Advisor.

There were great business speakers; plenty of business resources, as well as vendors on site. Membership Chair

Chien J. Wang invited business professionals to learn from and network with other business professionals to raise their business profile.

Invited ‘powerful’ speakers were Suzanna Choi of Tashiro Choi & Associates, who presented “How to be more effective in your Multicultural Marketing.” Florian Phillipe of 3 Angles spoke on “Branding Identity and

Brand Clarity.” He showed guests how to build their brand. The third speaker was Anthony Lopez, FACCTC Board member, who talked about using “Employee Benefits as your competitive advantage in today’s hiring environment.”