July 29, 2020  |  7pm

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Sam Young - Financial Expert

Sam is the West Coast Regional Director of Life Income ManagementIM, with an MBA in finance, a BS in theoretical computer science, and a member in good standing of the Inland Empire Estate Planning Council. Sam is able to easily execute an analytical but simplified client friendly, proprietary Life Income Management IM approach, to the complicated subject of a well-planned financial life.

The Life Income Management TV planning process is both detailed and easy to understand. The process includes; thorough assessment of retirement lifestyle issues, evaluation of specific retirement income requirements, adherence to the retirement-risk tolerance selection. the use of age-specific planning techniques and the consideration of the suitability of various investment strategies prior to implementation.

Sam frequently connects clients with the proper experts to establish estate tax minimization strategies and estate plans with the primary intention being to build, conserve and prolong family wealth. His comprehensive cross-discipline of talents, combined with his compassionate understanding and an innate caring for people, makes him perfectly suited to guide clients through the complexities of the retirement planning process.

Dan Nino - CPA

Dan Nino, founding President of the Association of Mangatarem Overseas Residents (AMOR) of Southern California, is a lifelong community leader, journalist, tax practitioner, business consultant and motivational speaker.

Founding president of the Association of Mangatarem Overseas Residents (AMOR) of Southern California, Mr. Nino initiated the installation of a children’s playground and construction of a public restroom at the town’s auditorium and awarded scholarship grants to several college-bound students in his native hometown who are cash-strapped but academicallv endowed With his lifetime volunteer work and consistent involvement in the
community, Mr. Nino has given back selfless service to the communitv and various non-government organizations.

The Prior to his retirement in 2010. he worked as sales tax collector with the California Department of Tax & Fee Administration (formerly State Board of Equalization) for 27 years. While employed with the State and as part time journalist, he engaged himself in community volunteer work until today. He is a columnist and correspondent of Cerritos-based Gateway Guardian and contributor to Philippine News, a premier Philippine weekly newspaper and writer to various publications in both the U.S. and Pangasinan province.